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CHAUSSAT Dominique

Restaurateur de meubles anciens - Antiquitaire - Expert CNES*




The goal of my work is to restore and preserve the furniture in the nearest the original state, using reversible  techniques identical to those used in the eighteenth century.

My approach is open but still doubtful with respect to new technologies that may affect the quality of furniture, especially when they are not reversible or they leave traces of modern intervention.

Experience has rather led me to avoid technics inherited from the nineteenth century tradition and turn to research the techniques used in the eighteen century.

However, modern techniques are not to be neglected because they provide in the same time to gain time and to increase accuracy due to performant tools or materials.

For example, without contact glue or modern acrylic resin, we could not remove the veneer, restore it and replace it so easily.


My activity of restoring and conserving concern mainly marquetry and solid wood furnitures, woodwork but also, frames, sculptures, cartels, locks and all kinds of objects of different materials, veneers, ivory, tortoise-shell , brass , lacquer, tin , horn, bones, etc ..

Atelier de Restauration & Magasin d'Antiquités - 9 rue de Dirac - 17290 Thairé d'Aunis

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